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PKOM4 system solution

PKOM4 system solution with renewable energy

As a compact ventilation unit, the patented heat pump combi unit PKOM4 replaces a complete heating/cooling/service water system. The combination with renewable energies such as photovoltaics and an intelligent energy management system like PICHLER SOLAR-TOWER makes the PKOM4 an efficient, cost-effective system solution with which operating costs are reduced to a minimum, thus making it possible to implement a zero-energy building or even a "plus energy" building.

Pichler SOLAR-TOWER - für die einfache Integration erneuerbarer Energie


  • Storage battery up to 11 kWh
  • Hybrid inverter with emergency power function 6 - 10 kW
  • Energy management system for system optimization
  • One app/visualization for the whole system solution

Advantages / pro arguments:

  • Pre-assembled / installed overall solution
  • Plug & play – easy, reliable
  • Lower installation/energy costs
  • Everything from one single source – one contact person
  • One app / visualization
  • Independent in the event of power failures – emergency power function
  • High degree of personal energy usage of the photovoltaics system

TRIGOS Regional 2020

With the PKOM4 system solution PICHLER wins TRIGOS regional 2020 in the "Climate Protection" category.The TRIGOS is the most renowned and respected sustainability award in Austria. The prize is awarded to sustainable companies for high quality products and services.

As the TRIGOS jury makes clear, “J. Pichler GmbH has developed a compact heat pump combination unit that covers ventilation, heating, cooling and hot water. The integration of photovoltaics and an energy management system created an efficient, cost-effective overall solution that is easy and intuitive to use. The dedicated family business makes an excellent contribution to reducing energy consumption and minimising CO2 emissions in the building sector. The company's sustainability efforts are clearly evident. Above all, the jury praised the company's science-based strategy and approach. Heating, cooling and ventilation with the lowest possible energy consumption is one of THE topics of the future and plays a role in climate protection and CO2 reduction. The jury sees the J. Pichler GmbH project as an important development engine for climate-friendly living."


DI (FH) Christian Struger

DI (FH) Christian Struger

Key Account Manager Comfort ventilation / systems

T +43 (0)664 / 82 84 777



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